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Life Tire Service in Lebanon, MO


Philosophy of Life Tire Service

“We must help others get what they need before we get what we need in order to be successful.”

Life Tire is the best at what we do simply because we care. Our employees genuinely care about the customer’s cars that we work on as well as their time. Time is the one thing we can’t get more of so wasting time is not an option here at Life Tire in Lebanon, MO.


  • We sell all brands of tires to fit any budget.
  • We work with people who on are a tight budget through financing options.  A small monthly payment can be more manageable than a lump sum payment.  We are here for our customers!
  • Our Technicians ARE the best of the best!  Each employee is hand selected by the owner to ensure that they have the mission of Life Tire philosophy embedded in every job order that they work on.